If I say "Let’s Do the Time Warp", would you know what I’m talking about? There are a lot of people who would know that I’m talking about The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Time Warp was a song from the show, and it became a minor rock radio hit. That’s pretty much all I really knew about The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Until I met Jan. Jan was a rather quiet girl, but when it came to Rocky Horror, she became a different person.

In case you’re not familiar, the Rocky Horror Picture Show is a star studded movie from 1975 that became a huge cult film. People like Jan would dress up, bring props, and act out and sing along to the movie every time it played. It was a big thing, and still is. The cast included Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Tim Curry and Meat Loaf, among others. I never did see it in a theater, but I finally saw it and enjoyed it. I almost envy the cult followers because they’re so enthusiastic, passionate, and, well, happy.

Where to See Rocky Horror in the Hudson Valley

This year The Rocky Horror Picture Show is 47, and they’re celebrating with the 47th Anniversary Spectacular Tour which includes award-winning star Barry Bostwick, and the tour is coming to the Hudson Valley just in time for Halloween. You’ll get to see the original unedited movie with a live shadow cast and audience participation. There will also be a memorabilia display, a costume contest, and more. If you’re a fan, it’s going to be amazing. If you’re not, you will be after you see it.

The Rocky Horror 47th Anniversary Spectacular Tour will be at the Sugarloaf Performing Arts Center in Chester on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 7PM. How often do you get to see such a cool movie, and meet one of the stars? It’s going to be awesome. For tickets and information visit the Sugarloaf Performing Arts Center website.

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