It was a scary morning for a person and their horse last week.

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, August 16th, 2023, information started to trickle in that a horse and person were stuck in a swamp in the Millbrook area. Around 8 am that morning, Dutchess County Whacker Wire reported the following:

"Millbrook 144 Valley Farm Rd person & a horse stuck in the swamp."

Google Maps
Google Maps

Later in the day, The Millbrook Fire Department elaborated on what happened writing that around 7:28 am they received a call about a person stuck waist-deep in the mud and a horse who was "unable to move as his legs were caught in the mud and weeds up to his underside." By 8:02 am the Millbrook Fire Department was able to get the victim out of the mud and began working on freeing the horse. They explain:

Matt’s Auto Body assisted with it’s tow truck. Patterson Fire Department’s Equine Rescue Team was placed on standby. At 8:22 am manpower was called to the scene as well as Patterson’s Equine Rescue Team. At 8:32 am the horse was successfully extricated from the swamp.

Thankfully, the victim and the horse were uninjured during the dramatic rescue. The Millbrook Fire Department released the following photos during the rescue to Facebook:

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