This could go one of two ways, it may be really good for some, and really bad for others.

HomeGoods now has an online store for some of their goods.

Now, how many of you are likely to pop into one of the HomeGoods locations in the Hudson Valley (Poughkeepsie, Monroe, Kingston, Middletown) to grab something really quick? Probably many of us, right? How many of us are also guilty of buying all sorts of RANDOM stuff that you didn’t need whatsoever, because you happened to pass by it in the store.

Guilty. As. Charged.

I tend to go there if I need a gift of some sort (kids birthday party, housewarming) or if I need to find something to wear to a specific occasion (like, I have no shoes for this dress or I need a new pair of gym pants). I end up leaving with a new frying pan, a cat bed, and a random bag of specialty crackers that I grabbed while waiting to check out.

Well, now HomeGoods has announced that you can shop some of your in-store favorites from the comfort of your home. Now, it’s not everything in sore, certain items are available online like accent furniture, storage, tableware, seasonal items, decorative accessories and a few more things, you’ll just have to check the site and see what they’ve got to offer.

So, which group do you fall in….
-yay, I won’t spend so much money because I won’t be buying all the random things I find in store


-now I’m going to redecorate my entire house from the comfort of my couch and this is going to cost a fortune (this is totally me, especially if I was able to win that CASH!)

Side note, they will be accepting returns of online items in store, so I guess you can pick up that foot massager and Halloween shaped pasta in-store when you go in for any returns!

Happy shopping!

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