It's Halloween time, so OBVIOUSLY I'm going to buy my favorite candy...or am I?

Here I am, shopping around at various stores in the Hudson Valley for Halloween candy. I visited Target, Stop and Shop, even looked online. What was I looking for? My favorite candy. Because you know, if you have leftover Halloween candy from trick or treating, you want it to be something you like. I'm not giving out Starbursts when I'm a chocoholic. No. I'm giving out the ULTIMATE candy to trick or treaters. I'm giving out Take least I hope.

After failing to find a mixed bag of candy that has Take 5 bars or a bag of Take 5 bars alone, I did what anyone else would do: Google it. Come to find out, not only have they repackaged the candy, but they've also renamed it. According to Fox News, Take 5, made by Hershey, has been renamed to Reese's Take 5. Apparently, this is to remind people that it's not only peanut butter in the Take 5 but Reese's peanut butter. They also moved from the original bright red packaging to the more recent black and green packaging. However, the Take 5 is now sporting a bright orange packaging, paying homage to its new Reese's parent.

Look, if you're going to eat a Take 5 bar, you're not in it for the Reese's peanut butter. If I wanted Reese's peanut butter, I'd eat a Reese's cup. I'm in it for the whole thing: the pretzels, caramel, peanuts, peanut butter, and chocolate coating. I don't think naming it Reese's Take 5 is going to do anything for the sales. BUT I definitely agree the black and green packaging had to go, it looked like an energy bar, not the delicious candy that it is.

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