Police in New York are cracking down on people who aren't following social distancing guidelines. Officials say police will be arresting and fining people who are not social distancing.

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On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced he wants local governments and local police stations to enforce social distancing rules. He also announced New York State is increasing the maximum fine from 500 to $1,000 for people who violate the state-mandated social distancing rules.

"We don't want the money, we want the compliance," Cuomo said.

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus announced in one of his COVID-19 updates, indications from Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler is that the DA's office, as well as local law enforcement, New York State Police and the Orange County Sheriff's Office, will be arresting people who are not social distancing.

"So if you have any of those going in your town, your village, report it to the police agency in charge of that area," Neuhaus said.

Following Cuomo's announcement, Neuhaus had a phone call with Hoovler, representatives of the Governor’s Office including his lawyers, New York State Police and public safety officials.

"The Governor’s Office assured me that State Police will absolutely enforce Cuomo’s orders prohibiting gatherings. They also encouraged people to call their local police department," Neuhaus wrote on Facebook.

If you become aware of unlawful gatherings all residents from the Hudson Valley, as well as New York State, are encouraged to call the New York State PAUSE Enforcement Assistance Task Force at 1-833-789-0470 to report violations. Officials encourage you to also take video or photos of the illegal gatherings if you can do so safely.

If you would rather not call, you can also fill out the New York State COVID-19 'New York on PAUSE' Enforcement Task Force Violation Complaint Form online. CLICK HERE to fill out the form.

"We are all concerned that as we work to slow the spread of Coronavirus, some people or groups of people just don’t get it. Their actions endanger us all," Neuhaus said.

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