A local business in the Hudson Valley recently took to Facebook to share a note that was left during Sunday's snowstorm. The note, which is being called "ridiculous", "terrible", and "outrageous" by loyal patrons may have helped identify the worst customer in the Hudson Valley.

 Helena's Specialty Pierogies in Kerhonkson, NY

First off, no one should be trying to pick a fight with one of the most beloved establishments in Ulster County. Helena's Specialty Pierogies in Kerhonkson, NY is a Hudson Valley institution. It was always a special day when my family made the short trip from our home in Accord, NY to pick up potato and onion pierogi from their shop on route 209. In fact, the pierogi are so good that someone couldn't contain their rage when they weren't able to have their favorite Ukrainian treat.

Helena's Specialty Pierogies in Kerhonkson, NY (Google)
Helena's Specialty Pierogies in Kerhonkson, NY (Google)

A New Hudson Valley Karen

It all started when the awful weekend weather forced the owners of Helena's Specialty Pierogies to temporarily close. A potential customer, who failed to call ahead or check online, was astonished to find Helena's shuttered on the snowy Sunday afternoon, and decided to let the owners have an ear full.

The Complainiest Note... Ever?

"We were here at 2pm on Sunday", the note began. "Your website said you were open. We drove all the way from Kingston!!!", they continued. Many people were surprised the note-writers were able to make the 20-mile drive to Helena's with their eyes closed. If they were open, they would have seen the inches of snow accumulating on roads that would make even the most optimistic pierogi lover to call ahead.

Helena's Responds

"To the person that left us this note this morning. Yesterday there was a snowstorm... and when all was said and done, we received 9 inches of snow where we live", Helena's responded. "In the past 27 years plus, NEVER have we risked our or anyone else's life to go in to sell pierogies. Our website... states to check Facebook or call to check during inclement weather." The support rolled in.


Local Community Response

"You have a devoted customer who hopes this incident does not linger. You are all loved for your product and I completely agree closing on snow days. Stay perogies STRONG!" commented one pierogi fanatic. "Can people just be a bit more compassionate and understanding? If you drive from Kingston you must like the pierogies so how about being kind to the people who prepare them for you" observed another.

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Helena's Specialty Pierogies is generally open Thursday-Sunday 12pm-5pm... but don't forget to check their Facebook page in case of poor weather! If you want to start your own business, check out the amazing church for sale that's been converted into a bar and restaurant below.

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