If you've been waiting for spring to finally appear, we've got some great news for you.

The Hudson Valley got a bit of a tease for a few hours last weekend when temperatures briefly spiked over 70 degrees. The unseasonably warm weather drew residents out of their homes and started everyone dreaming of warm summer days.

Unfortunately, the warm weather was short-lived and the Hudson Valley plunged back into the cold with overnight temperatures hovering at the freezing mark. While spring can be a bit unpredictable, average temperatures for April in the Hudson Valley are 60 during the day and the upper 30s at night. Next week, however, we're expected to see a few days with temperatures way above normal.

According to meteorologists, the Hudson Valley will see daytime temperatures rise above 80 degrees during a bonafide heat wave. The unusually warm weather will begin on Tuesday when the high temperature will surpass 70. Temps will remain more than 10 degrees above normal on Wednesday before skyrocketing to the mid-80s on Thursday. We'll remain around 80 degrees on Friday and Saturday.


With temperatures so high, it will feel more like July than April next week. But before you open the pool,  you should know that the Hudson Valley will get back down to the 70s at the end of the weekend before returning to average April weather on Monday.

Even though the heat wave will be short-lived, it will most certainly be a welcome change from the unusually cold weather we've seen this week. Will you be taking advantage of the especially hot weather? Let us know your plans on our Facebook page or by dropping us a message on our mobile app.

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