Did you know one of the biggest public school scandals took place right here in New York? The story is so fascinating that HBO even made a film about it. It's even got Hugh Jackman in it.

When I saw the film Bad Education on my HBO On Demand cue I thought it was just another comedy movie about teachers just doing bad things like showing up to school with a hangover or taking the kids somewhere inappropriate on a field trip. I was surprised to find out that this film wasn't a piece of fiction.

It's based on a very real scandal not far from the Hudson Valley.

According to Town and Country Mag, the film is based on administrative leaders Frank Tassone and Pamela Gluckin of the Rosyln School district located in Nassau County in Long Island. During their reign together they reportedly stole over $11 million dollars from local taxpayers while serving as superintendent and assistant superintendent.

Even while both stealing from the school and living their double lives the two were able to make the Roslyn the 6th best public high school in the country.

The scandal remains to be the biggest public school embezzlement crime in history.

I highly recommend watching the movie if you're in to true-crime stories or if you're just bored and are looking for something new to watch. It's definitely a cool piece of New York history.

In another fascinating tid bit from the story. Even after spending years in prison, Frank Tassone still receives a pension of $170,000 per year due to a mistake in New York's pension law.


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