Are you a believer? Of ghosts, that is. I’m not sure if I’m a true believer but I’m certain that I’m not a non-believer. I’m open to the idea that there are ghosts. Why not? There certainly have been lots of sightings, and that includes sightings by people I totally respect. If you are interested in ghosts and want to be part of a real life ghost hunt, keep reading.

Ghost Hunts USA will be conducting a ghost hunt at the old Mid-Orange Correctional Facility on Schoolhouse Road in Warwick on Friday, Nov. 13, from 8:30PM - 4AM. Ghost hunts USA has access to over 7 buildings on the property. According to Ghost Hunts USA, the paranormal activity that has been captured at the sprawling facility consists of disembodied voices, shadow figures and full-bodied apparitions.

Recently investigated by Jason Hawes and the Ghost Nation crew, now you can experience the former Mid-Orange Correctional Facility for yourself and see what secrets you are able to uncover. The employees of what is now known as the Hudson Sports Complex were experiencing some scary stuff like hair being pulled, apparitions being spotted, voices, and lights were turning on. Architects and contractors refused to work in the buildings. So, the Ghost Nation team was called in.

Think you’ve got the guts to join in? Your ghost hunt at Mid-Orange Correctional Facility includes exclusive access to the most haunted areas of this location, vigils With experienced Investigators, lone vigils, free time to undertake your own vigils, use of equipment which includes, trigger objects and emf readers. Plus, unlimited refreshments, including coffee, bottled water and soda.

For ticket information about the ghost hunt at Mid-Orange Correctional Facility and for a history of the building and grounds, check out the event facebook page.

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