One specific spot in Lake George has left scientists and visitors alike scratching their heads.

I've been going to Lake George for years with my family and never realized a phenomenon was right under my feet. Literally. For years I worried about the ghosts at Fort William Henrey and Frankenstine standing outside the Wax Museum were going to get me while passing by a much spookier location.

Fort William Henry Museum, Google Maps
Fort William Henry Museum, Google Maps

What Goes On at The Lake George Mystery Spot?

While ghosts aren't seen roaming around, The Mystery Spot in Lake George has left scientists and visitors confused. The Mystery spot is located right in the heart of town on Beach Road at Mayor Blais Park. And according to reports, if you stand in the center of the spot...things will get loud. Your voice will come back louder than when it left your mouth.

The Legend of The Lake George Mystery Spot

The Lake George Mystery Spot is, naturally, a part of the Haunted History Trail of New York State. And rightfully so. Here's how they describe the strange location:

Legend says it was the spot where a great Native American god shouted his wisdom for the mountains, lake, and landscape to hear. Today, the spot stands as a perplexing audio phenomenon that has stumped scientists and visitors alike - stand in the center and speak out loud and your voice will come back louder than when it left, almost as if you are talking inside a cone!

Creepy right!? I haven't tried, but I'm willing to hop in the car and give it a whirl!

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