A Hudson Valley mom is looking for some guidance, can you help us, help her...LOL?

It's Wednesday and that means its time to get serious and try to help out a fellow Wolf listener with something they have going on in their life. Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we open up our email and pick one email from a fan that's looking for some advice with a problem or in the case a "situation". We say it all the time, "You guys give the best advice" and most of us know that we can usually solve our problems quicker if we talk it out.

This week our email comes from a mom who has an issue with some of the Halloween decorations that some of her neighbors have put up this year. She wrote us,

"Please tell me if I am out of line here or not. My neighbors across the street have some really extreme Halloween decorations up this year. To give you an idea, they have a scarecrow hanging from a tree, skeletons with blood all over the front yard, a boogeyman statue by the door, and creepy clown dolls all over the yard. Our 5 year old daughter’s room faces the front of the street, and she can see this gruesome display outside her window. Since they put the stuff up we having be having issues with her going into her room. She screams when she has to go to bed because she thinks the decorations are real and are going to hurt her. I want to ask our neighbors to take the decorations down because I really think it’s way overboard and borderline inappropriate for any young child to see. My husband said I need to leave them alone and stop being so dramatic. Am I out of line for wanting to ask them to take down the gruesome stuff?"

If this was happening to you, how would you handle it? Call or text us through the Wolf app and share some advice.


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