Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced $10 million has been awarded to improve airports across New York State. A number of airports from the Hudson Valley will receive funding.

This funding, from the Governor’s Aviation Capital Grant Program, will support safety, infrastructure, and economic development projects across the State.

“Our airports are the gateways to New York and serve as key drivers of job creation and economic growth for communities across the state,” Governor Cuomo said in a statement. “These improvements will help make our airports safer and more accessible to millions of travelers and ensure they remain viable transportation hubs and economic engines for years to come.”

The State awarded $10 million to 20 applicants through a competitive process. This investment will upgrade existing airport infrastructure, construct additional hangar space and help accommodate future passenger demands.

The List of local airports receiving money is below:
• Dutchess County Airport, Dutchess County - $889,650 for Airport Terminal Building Renovations
• Orange County Airport, Orange County - $882,000 for a Corporate Storage Hangar
• Warwick Municipal Airport, Orange County - $23,400 for Taxiway Edge Repair and Resurfacing
• Sky Acres Airport, Dutchess County - $139,875 for Installation of a Self-Service Jet-A Fueling Station