So you have gone out and voted. Maybe you even did it with mail-in or absentee ballot, possibly you waited a few hours online to participate in early voting, but you did it! Now you deserve your 'reward.'

Here are just a few of the places that are offering some freebies or some deals to say "thanks" for getting your vote on. No, you don't need to say who you voted for (or is that for whom you voted?) just that you did it. Thanks to the team at for helping to compile this list. In case you need a reminder, Election Day 2020 is Tuesday November 3.

  • Bobo's, the snack food company is giving away free snack bars for people who voted. You fill out a form and they mail you a coupon.
  • Chilis Restaurants, You can get a $5 Presidente Margarita through November 3. You have to ask for the I Voted Special.
  • Grubhub has partnered with several local restaurants to offer specials for 11/3 only.
  • Hertz Rental Car is giving you a free day if you rent your car on 11/2 or 11/3, here's more info They are calling it Drive the Vote.
  • Lyft is giving you 50% off, up to $10 to get you to a polling location on 11/3 with promo code, 2020VOTE
  • Uber is offering 50% off rides to and from the voting polls, up to $7 off each way to help get people to voting sites.

Who else do you know that is offering an "I Voted" special? Let us know so we can add it to the list!

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