Just the other day was one of my best friend's birthdays. We both were having crazy busy days, so I didn't get a chance to wish her happy birthday until late at night. I wanted to call, but she had a late shift at her restaurant, so I sent her this poem on Snapchat instead:

Happy, Happy Birthday

Even though it's almost over

You still have a few more minutes

So try not to end it sober! Hey!

I asked her boyfriend if they had any plans. He said it had been hard to plan anything with both of their work schedules. He really wanted to do something, but felt bad that neither of their workloads allowed a good proper date, at least not right away.

Celebrating a birthday as an adult can be such a difficult thing. It's not like when we were younger where someone else plans out an entire party for us. Maybe for really special occasions that will happen, how my cousins planned my other cousin's surprise 30th birthday party. It's not the same when you're trying to balance everyone's schedules to see who is free when. Not just that, but who do you really want to see on your birthday? Sometimes a nice, peaceful calm night to yourself is the best present you can ask for. Between work and other familial responsibilities, having a huge birthday doesn't always sound that appealing anymore.


When it comes time for my birthday each year, my folks ask if I want to do anything special. Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind is a good meal. I want one of my favorite comfort meals. No more counting calories, no more worrying about diets, no more worrying about the price that goes along with it. When my birthday comes around, I want food! What's even better than getting your favorite birthday meal? Getting it for free (or even just a very good discount will do). It's the simple things.

Everyone needs to eat, so keep it simple and treat that special someone on their special day to a special meal! There are a few places around the Hudson Valley that are able to spoil y'all rotten for one's birthday.

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