Allegiant Air is offering inexpensive flights to Florida and Georgia for a limited time this month.

With the temperature getting colder who couldn't use a vacation to some place warm? Even if the flight isn't right sometimes just thinking about warmer weather is enough to keep you comfortable.

With everything going on right now most of us are looking to escape the madness and maybe visit some place a little more relaxing. Even a change in routine would be nice for those who have been quarantined for weeks or even months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Even if you wanted to leave for a little bit and take a vacation money can be tight. The pandemic has caused financial strain on many people across the country and especially here in the Hudson Valley.

Right now there are affordable tickets to get out of the Hudson Valley and get to a warmer place without emptying your bank account.

According to Allegiant Air, right now you can purchase one-way airfare starting at just $59 including taxes and fees (bags not included). The flights depart from Stewart International Airport in June and offers returning flights for a low price as well. Currently the $59 options are available in two destinations to either Destin, Florida or Savannah, Georgia.

There are several other tickets available for less than $100 on their website.

My vacations and flights are usually to places I'm somewhat familiar with. Destin, Florida might be worth checking out for $59.

Have you ever spontaneously purchased a ticket for a destination that you weren't too familiar with? People with wanderlust swear by it. As much as I love it here in the Hudson Valley I could use a little time on a beach that wasn't off the Hudson River.

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