Well, it turns out New York City is a lot closer to the town in Footloose than I originally thought.

If you're like me, you may be surprised to learn that, thanks to a nearly 100-year-old law, most New York bars are no-dancing zones. It's called The Cabaret Law, and it was created during Prohibition to crack down on speakeasies. And for some reason, it's still in effect.

At least until this week, as Brooklyn councilman Rafael Espinal will introduce a bill to repeal the law and says he has the votes to do it. There are over 25,000 bars and restaurants in New York City, and only 97 of them have a cabaret license that allows social dancing. That's insane, right?

So dance away, New Yorkers. But, in keeping with how old the law is, you should only dance like they would in the 1920s. The Charleston and the Lindy Hop are making a comeback, baby!

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