After a short delay, the USS Slater will be passing through the the Hudson Valley once again.

If you missed the Sater's cruise down the Hudson River on the 4th of July weekend don't worry you'll be able to catch it again.

According to reports from the volunteer crew aboard the Slater, they were originally set to depart on Friday with an early arrival in Albany on Saturday. The departure was delayed due to a small leak.

A crew member also stated that the ship will depart from New York City on August 26 at 2 P.M. EST.

We don't have an exact time that it will be in the Hudson Valley yet but you can expect it soon enough.

With Slater is safe and head back to the Capital with a fresh coat of camouflage.

According to, The Slater is a retired warship that spent time hunting Nazi submarines during World War II. The ship has since been transformed to a floating museum. Since most museums are currently closed to the public because of the coronavirus you can keep the Slater funded by helping them out via their Paypal account.

If you missed the USS Slater on the Hudson over the Holiday weekend this is a great opportunity to see it in action.


Photos Aboard The USS Slater

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