If you have recently had a death in your family, please allow us to say our condolences. If you are looking into options for your 'final expenses' or pre-planning your own funeral, there is an item that will be on your contract, it is for the cost and process of embalming.

What is embalming and is it ever a requirement to be embalmed in New York State?

What is embalming? What does it entail?

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Embalming is the process of, essentially the replacing the fluids in a deceased person's body, to help preserve them and to stave off decomposition and cell breakdown. The solution that is used is designed to keep the body in a condition that will allow for time to pass between the end of a person's life and their funeral.

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Is the process of embalming required so someone can be buried in New York State?


The only persons that can perform the process or procedure of embalming are licensed funeral directors. In fact, they are the only person who is even allowed to be in the room while the process is taking place. 

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Is the process of embalming required in New York State? No. However, it may be required if you and the family would like to have an open casket for the services, as the embalming helps to slow the process of decomposition.

The funeral home will charge you for this service and will require an authorization signature to be able to perform the procedure.

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