Today (June 6) over my morning coffee I watched the most amazing thing, a man who I now know is named Nathan, was doing what Central Hudson refers to as Directional Pruning. I had heard that there were people who did this for a living but I had never gotten to watch one up close. Well by close I mean to say from a safe distance but close enough to see what skills are required to trim the trees in the woods near my house.

Nathan and his crew would give any ariel artist a run for their money. With the ease of ascending a staircase, these guys climb trees with chainsaws hanging from a belt and work their way to the top sawing off limbs as they go. There is also a crew on the ground collecting all the debris and clearing the ground below.

How Do They Cut Limbs Away From Electrical Wires in The Woods in NY?

I was so fascinated I had to ask questions, if you've met me you'd understand. I ask a lot of questions and it doesn't matter if you are guys busy hanging from a tree with a chain saw. I am gonna get your attention and resolve my curiosity. Nathan was very gracious, I waited until he was taking a break with the chainsaw off and he was happy to answer.

What Does it Take to be a Hudson Valley Tree Trimmer for Central Hudson?

First, you need to learn a few skills, to say the least. The desire to climb very tall trees is also a must. Nathan told me that he went into it right out of High School. The company he works for Larch Tree Service, LLC offers an apprenticeship. I jokingly asked if he did any ariel training like you see Carrie Underwood do he laughed and said no they offer other types of classes. From what I could see a climbing class with repelling skills would be important.

Hudson Valley Tree Climbers

It also occurred to me that these guys understand physics. Between them getting up and down the tree then knowing which branch to cut when, plus you need to know how it will fall. I didn't ask Nathan how long he had been at it but it was clear he was an expert. I did ask how many trees he climbs on average a day and he said usually about ten. I think he was being modest he climbed and trimmed three in the time it took me to have coffee and get ready for work.

The Crew from Larch Tree Service, LLC Clearing Lines in Ulster County

PC PQ: Right to Left - Nathan , Javon, Neil
PC PQ: Right to Left - Nathan, Javon, Neil

Nathan's crew on the ground were Javon and Neil. They were busy doing the ground clearing and cleaning up what they trusted Nathan to drop from 50 feet up. Yes, I bothered them on a break to grab this photo. I want to be able to share how impressed I was with this group of hard workers with all of you. I also found out that this job requires a lot of days away from home. Nathan is from Plattsburg, New York but has family in Newburgh. Javon and Neill have come all the way from Canada.

Who Trims the Trees Around Hudson Valley, NY Powerlines

You are sure to have passed or if not you will pass over the next few weeks teams just like Nathan, Javon, and Neil. Please make it a point when they are working in your neighborhood to say thank you. Whether it is a summer thunderstorm or a blizzard later this year we will all have fewer chances of the power going out thanks to people who do this skillful job for a living. Living in the Hudson Valley many of us have above-ground electrical lines that run up and down our roads. If the guys weren't out doing this job imagine how often the power would go out.

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