A hero is credited with likely saving the lives of an elderly couple in Upstate New York.

On Wednesday, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) released its Environmental Conservation Police on Patrol.

ECO Safely Removes Elderly Couple from Car Fire In Delaware County, New York


On March 7, while patrolling State Route 206 in the hamlet of Downsville, ECO Doig spotted a vehicle pulled over on the side of the road.

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When officer Doig approached, he spotted flames shooting out near the exhaust and gas tank of the vehicle.

DEC Officer In Upstate New York Saves Elderly Couple From Burning Car


He immediately notified Delaware County 911. Doig released there wasn't enough time so he quickly approached the vehicle and safely remove two elderly individuals from the car.

The couple was unaware the car caught fire, according to the DEC.

"The couple, unaware the car caught fire, were appreciative of ECO Doig's quick response," the DEC stated in a press release.

Officer Doig then retreated to his patrol vehicle, grabbed his fire extinguisher and put out the fire.

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The car was leaking gas and was seconds away from becoming fully engulfed in flames, according to arriving members of the Downsville Fire Department.

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