When you are trying to figure out a place to eat, do you ask friends, co-workers or family for suggestions of places to try? Or do you go online and see who has the most reviews? There are many places to get online recommendations, tripadvisor.com, Restaurantji.com, opentable.com and yelp.com, just to name a few.

It got me to thinking, are the most Yelp-reviewed restaurants in our area, also the best? Here are the top 10 restaurants with the most reviews in Newburgh, NY (12550) which ones have you been to?

How much does something like an online review weigh in on your decision to go to that restaurant or not? I personally, look at the entire review, if I am searching for a new place to check out. I look for items that talk about the quality of the food and the service. When I see reviews that use the words "I know" "They didn't" and "Horrible" I try to give the business the benefit of the doubt and wonder if the person reviewing the place is a "Karen"-type of complainer, i.e. the ice was too cold, the butter was too soft, etc.

According to Yelp.com, these are the most reviewed restaurants in the Newburgh area. Granted, not all of the reviews are going to be awesome, but here they are:

  • Billy Joe's Ribworks, Waterfront in Newburgh. Reviewers making sure to point out the ribs, pulled pork and porky mac n' cheese.
  • The Red Pepper Diner, 9D, Beacon. Reviewers note the Sri Lankan food, and vegetarian options
  • Blu Pointe, Front Street, Newburgh. Reviewers mention the view on the Hudson and the seafood.
  • The Roundhouse, E Main St, Beacon. Almost every review mentions the views of the waterfalls.
  • Tito Santana Taqueria, Main Street, Beacon. Reviewers commented on the quesadillas, the catfish tacos, and the vegan options.
  • Hudson Taco, Front Street, Newburgh. Reviewers mention that this place does not take reservations, the margaritas and the variety of tacos.
  • Kitchen Sink Food & Drink, Beacon. Reviewers mention the eclectic menu, the small space and the Monday night fried chicken dinners.
  • Beacon Bread Company, Beacon. Reviewers mention breakfast and the ability to call ahead and place orders.
  • Captain Jakes, Front Street, Newburgh. Reviewers mention lobster rolls, the clam chowder and the view while dining outside.
  • Max's on Main, Main St, Beacon. Reviewers mention the potato wedges, their custom cocktails and their sandwiches.

Have you been to any of the above restaurants? Have you ever written a Yelp or any other type of online review? Would you use an online review when you are trying to make up your mind to use a business or for a place to dine?

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