Plan ahead so you can avoid any extra headaches for your commute. It seems like anywhere you drive in the Hudson Valley during the summer there's roadwork going on. It needs to be done especially during the warmer months, but it can be tough when you're trying to navigate your way around the area. Another road closure has been announced and commuters are being warned to plan ahead.

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Where will the road closure happen in the Hudson Valley?

According to the East Fishkill Highway Department, Miller Hill Road in East Fishkill will be closed between Wonderland Drive and Short Court for a huge underground pipe replacement project. People are in the area are being warned about the project.

When will the road closure happen?

It's scheduled to happen on Tuesday, August 2nd. It's crazy that is just around the corner, but it gives residents time to plan ahead.

What exactly does the road closure mean?

It means a few things, no through traffic will be allowed and no vehicles will be allowed to travel through the work zone. The closure will last 2-3 days and everyone is being advised to find other routes. An important reminder if you are near that area, please obey all construction signs and slow down all of us have places to be and we want to get there safely.

Thank you to all the workers who work on our roads and systems, we appreciate all you do.

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