Local officials advise residents to keep their toilet lids closed to avoid splatter when their toilets begin to gurgle. It may seem like a joke, but this is advice that residents should take very seriously.

The possibility of your toilet gurgling and making noises all by itself comes just as the Halloween season starts in the Hudson Valley. It's probably not the best timing for those who are especially jumpy this time of year. Imagine watching a scary movie and hearing demonic sounds coming from the bathroom. It's enough to make anyone freak out. But have no fear, your toilet isn't actually possessed. In fact, there's actually a good reason why your toilet may begin to have a mind of its own.

"It is recommended your toilet seats be closed"

The ominous warning was made by the Town of Wappinger in order to let the public know about a project that is expected to send water back up through many residents' sewer pipes. The force may be so great that the town is suggesting everyone keep their toilet seats closed so that it doesn't make a big mess.


What is happening?

CAMO Pollution Control is working with the Town of Wappingers highway department to conduct a comprehensive cleaning project. Over the next month crews will be sending high-pressure water through sewer lines as a preventive maintenance measure to keep the pipes in working condition.

Why does this affect my toilet?

The town says the work can send bubbles and water back up through a home's plumbing, depending on how its pipes are configured. The high-pressure water can result in air being trapped in the system that can eventually make its way to the pipes in your home. This is why the Town of Wappinger is advising all residents to keep their seats closed through November.


Are you concerned?

Those who have questions about the work or would like more details about how the cleaning project can affect their homes can contact CAMO at 845-463-7310.

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