A TikTok user claims she was banned from one of her favorite restaurants because someone she was with was a serial non-tipper. Are you obligated to tip your server and is this restaurant breaking any laws? You can argue that one is not obligated to leave a tip but they probably should.

Should a restaurant ban people who constantly refuse to leave tips?

Restaurant guest check with folded dollar bills

The question has sparked quite the debate online after TikTok user named Büeli admits she was denied service for being associated at a restaurant with one or more of her friends who constantly patron there and don't leave a tip.

The video has gained a lot of attention as it currently has over 1 million views.

Ironically, she is a tattoo artist who encourages her customers to tip but doesn't feel like every person who works in a tip worthy profession deserves it.

@buelistic #stitch with @africanbarb 🏁 What makes you leave a nice tip? do you feel obligated?🏁 #ShowOffLandOFrost #MessFreeHero #GenshinImpact #AmazonVirtualTryon #altblackgirl ♬ original sound - Büeli

Can a restaurant legally do this? Is this a form of discrimination? According to local attorney, Alex Mainetti of Mainetti & Mainetti the restaurant may get away with this ban since it is banning people who practice a certain behavior. They're not being banned based on something like race, gender or religion. It might not be good business but it might not be illegal either.

Do you work for tips? How insulting is it when there's no tip? If a customer can't afford to leave a tip does it bother you or do you expect something every time?

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