File this one under; DUH. Like many Americans, if you're stuck inside and have nothing to do, you reach for the nearest drink. In a bit of data that should surprise just about no one, market research firm Nielsen says the sales of alcohol rose 55% ending the week of March 21.

The research reports that wine sales were up 66% as beer sales rose 42%. Fox reports that online sales were not surprisingly way ahead on in store sales. Nielsen Vice President, Danelle Kosmal, feels that the numbers peaked that particular week, as cities and states across the country began enforcing stay at home orders. That was when everyone was stocking up for what could be the long haul.

Of course, the Nielson folks may have underestimated America's love for booze? Some factors include the stress of the growing pandemic, plus those who may be spending extended time at home. Sadly, the unemployment rate has also exploded over the last few weeks, so these numbers may grow even more.

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