Where does New York rank compared to other states in regards to student debt? 

With college students preparing for the Fall semester, and 11 percent of all student loans in delinquency or default as of the first quarter of 2017, Wallethub conducted an analysis of 2017's States with the Most and least Student Debt.

The study compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 10 key metrics from average student debt to unemployment rate among the population aged 25 to 34 to students with past due loan balances.

Where did New York rank?

New York came in as the 12th state with the least student debt.

Student Debt in New York:

  • 18th - Average Student Debt
  • 31st - Proportion of Students with Debt
  • 42nd - Student Debt as % of Income (Adjusted for Cost of Living)
  • 26th - Unemployment Rate of Population Aged 25 to 34
  • 42nd - % of Student Loans Past Due or in Default
  • 33rd - Availability of Student Jobs
  • 43rd - Availability of Paid Internships
  • 41st - Grant Growth




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