Unfortunately, we see this all the time on the roads. You're driving along and everything seems fine then all of a sudden a car near you cuts into your lane, stops short or is swerving near you. Not only is it frustrating, but very scary to experience and can shake you up a bit.

The Dutchess County Sheriff's Office recently put out a warning and some information about distracted driving. According to the post, April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month and it's more of a problem than people realize.

AndreyPopov from Getty Images
AndreyPopov from Getty Images

Scary facts about distracted driving:

According to the National Safety Council,  8 people are killed and hundreds more get injured on a typical day because of distracted driving. If you glance at your phone while driving at 60 miles an hour, your eyes were reportedly blind to the road while you drove the length of a FOOTBALL FIELD, that is just scary.

What exactly does distracted driving mean?

  • Using your phone
  • Setting a navigation device
  • Changing what you are listening to
  • Drinking coffee
  • Applying makeup
  • Any other action that takes away your attention from driving

Driver/Passenger tips:

It may seem repetitive, but there is awareness for a reason.

  • Only focus on driving if you are the driver
  • If the passenger sees the driver getting distracted they should tell them to focus on the road
  • No distractions

We all have important places to get to, but it's important we drive safe and help each other out.

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