I’ve noticed over the past couple of months that my neighbor doesn’t exactly follow the rules. Or the law, for that matter. So I’ve composed an open letter to him. Here goes…

Dear Neighbor,

I see you walking with your dog every day. What I don’t see is a leash. There is a leash law in the City of Poughkeepsie, as I’ve reminded you in the past. What I also see is something you don’t. Your dog is always several feet behind you and you never look back to make sure he’s okay. Your dog runs into yards and leaves us little presents and you never, ever clean up after him. In fact, you never seem to notice it’s happening. Your dog could run out into oncoming traffic and you’d be none the wiser.

If you love your dog, do the right thing. Put your dog on a leash. Pay attention to your dog. Clean up after your dog. Stop ignoring what your dog is doing. I’ve never even seen you pet your dog. You should do that, too. There are lots of ways to show your dog that you love him. Letting him run free several feet behind you on a city street is not one of those ways. And it doesn't exactly endear you to your neighbors, either.

Signed, Your Concerned Neighbor Who is Tired of Picking Up Poop.

I’m not sure if my neighbor will ever see this, and even if he does it probably won't help. But it sure did feel good getting it off my chest. 

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