In a year when so many businesses have had to close their doors, it is fun to tell you about a business that has opened in the Hudson Valley. It is good to know that things like cupcakes are Pandemic Proof.

With all the things we have been through this year and last, we deserve a treat. It is great to think about treating ourselves to something that is simple. It doesn't get simpler than a cupcake. So why not treat yourself to a delicious baked good.

I always find that a cupcake is good for what ails me. Cakes are good, but cupcakes are just the right size so you don't feel guilty eating one anytime you want. A cupcake isn't big enough to spoil dinner. It is the perfect afternoon snack. I will admit, I have even been known to have one for breakfast now and then.

New Cupcake Place in the Hudson Valley

Cupcake places aren't unheard of in the Hudson Valley. Many of us that are from New Paltz remember Moxie Cupcakes. Unfortunately, they have retired but there is a new cupcake place in town Sweeter Than Sweet Cupcakes.

Sweeter Than Sweet Cupcakes has now officially opened its shop at 41 Main Street in Walden. From the looks of what I saw on their social media the shop has been in the works for a few months but is now open and ready for you to try a cupcake.

Store Hours in Walden

According to a Facebook post from November 30th, they will have winter hours Wednesday through Sunday opening each of those days at 11 AM.

Pick out Your Favorite Cupcake

Sweeter Than Sweet Cupcakes

A new bakery opened in the Hudson Valley in Walden, New York and I just had to share some pictures of their cupcakes.

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