Gov. Andrew Cuomo had strong words for many New Yorkers who are ignoring social distancing.

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Ignoring social distancing has serious consequences, according to Cuomo.

"You want to go out and act stupid for yourself, that's one thing, but your stupid actions don't just affect you," Cuomo said on Tuesday during his COVID-19 daily briefing. "You come home. You can infect someone else and you can cause serious illness or even death. By your actions."

Cuomo called the virus the great equalizer.

"People have to really get this and internalize this. Because it can happen to anyone," Cuomo said.

On Tuesday, Cuomo's brother, Christopher Cuomo, confirmed on social media he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Gov. Cuomo says his brother will be fine because he's young and in good shape but added this is a lesson if you go out the chances of getting infected is very high.

"It's my family. It's your family. It's all of our families. This virus is that insidious. We have to keep that in mind. Keep in mind Matila's Law. Remember who is vulnerable here, and protect them," he said.

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