In a move that sounds like something out of the Sopranos, Governor Cuomo threatened to sue Joe Biden just as he takes over the job of president.

Cuomo isn't wasting time demanding what he believes New York needs to get through the pandemic. During his 2022 budget presentation this week, Cuomo said the state desperately needs pandemic relief aid in order to balance the budget. Regardless of whoever is in the Whitehouse, the governor says he'll do whatever it takes to get that relief.

The new government didn't cause the damage, but they are legally, ethically, and politically responsible for correcting it.

The governor says he's known Joe Biden for "many, many years" and says he knows how much the president loves New York. Cuomo pointed to the president's help in securing funding for the Mario Cuomo Bridge project when he served as Vice President under Barack Obama as proof he's a champion of the state. Cuomo also waxed poetically about Nancy Pelosi, who he says isn't a New Yorker, but "could be." With support from her, Biden and New York's own Chuck Schumer, who is now the majority leader, Cuomo says the "stars have aligned" and he's confident that $15 billion in aid is coming.

But, if that doesn't happen, all of Cuomo's flowery words won't stop him from suing.

If Washington doesn't provide to New York state, without fair share funding we're going to pursue litigation because I cannot in good faith represent the people of this state and know that they are being harmed and know that they being treated unfairly and not do everything within my power to try to do what is right by New York.

Stay tuned, this may get ugly.

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