Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the spread of coronavirus from other states is a "complication" for New York and adds officials are reviewing how COVID-19 spreads from indoor dining.

On Monday during a surprise COVID-19 briefing, Cuomo said White House officials have blamed the increase in COVID due to an increase in testing, which Cuomo said isn't true because more people are also going to the hospital with the virus.

"People go to the hospital when they are sick," Cuomo said. “I hope you had your coffee this morning because it’s time to wake up, America. The White House has been in denial about the coronavirus since the beginning."

Cuomo says the White House is pushing for a fast reopening because it helps the economy. But he said the surge in the virus isn't helping the economy.

"This was not a smart policy to rush the reopening, it has not happened the economy."

Cuomo says the White House isn't trying to solve the COVID problem, because they never saw it as a problem.

"Wake up America. COVID is getting worse, not better. The White House is in denial. The denial by the federal government of the severity of this virus was followed by the federal government's abandonment of responsibility," he said.

He said in New York, the state has the lowest number of hospitalizations, 853, since the pandemic began. Eight people died from the virus on Sunday. 46,000 tests were conducted across the state on Sunday with 0.8 percent coming back positive. In the Hudson Valley, 0.6 percent were positive.

He said there are now 13 positive COVID cases from a Westchester County graduation. One young man came back from Florida with the virus and attended the graduation, Cuomo confirmed.

Cuomo announced Western New York will enter Phase 4 on Wednesday. He said New York City is facing "complications" heading into Phase 3 next Monday. He says a lack of compliance with social distancing is mostly to blame.

Cuomo also said the spread of coronavirus from other states is a "complication" for New York.

"Probability is they are gonna increase the spread in New York," he said. "We learned that the hard way."

Cuomo says indoor dining has been "problematic" in other states, while outdoor dining is going well. The state is reviewing data about indoor dining, about the risk-reward of indoor dining. A final decision on indoor dining, mainly for New York City restaurants will be made on Wednesday, Cuomo says.

"Indoor dining has shown that it has been problematic. The virus spreads in closed indoor areas," Cuomo said. "It's not just indoor dining. It's indoor dining in New York City where you have an issue with social distancing."

Cuomo added if any restrictions are put on indoor dining, in New York City or elsewhere in the state, it will be a "short-term measure."

Cuomo said he will make it mandatory for New York malls to have filters with MERV rating capable of filter COVID-19 particles. He added the filter will also be recommended for offices.

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