Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave details on how and when some closed New York businesses can reopen.

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On Wednesday during his COVID-19 battle, Cuomo said he doesn't think the battle with coronavirus will truly be over for 12 to 18 months. He noted a vaccine must be found before the battle is over. Dr. Anthony Fauci and the FDA have both given the same timeline for a vaccine.

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On March 20, Cuomo signed the New York State on PAUSE executive order, which closed all non-essential businesses. As of this writing, those businesses must have their workforce work from home until April 29.

On Wednesday he said the reopening for New York will be in phases. He later added the factors for an "un-pause" will be based on two factors.

1) How "essential" is the business service or product
2) What is the risk of "infection spread" of the business

"As we look ahead, we will operate under one principle: Do No Harm," Cuomo tweeted. "The gradually phased reopening will be determined by (1) how essential an industry is and (2) what the infection risk is for each industry. The most essential and lowest risk industries will be opened first."

More details about reopening closed businesses haven't been announced.

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