There are some rules with this.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he will allow fans to attend the Buffalo Bill's home playoff game with COVID-19 restrictions in place. To fans of the team this is huge because it's their first home playoff game in more than 20 years.

According to his website. there are rules in place to keep everyone safe during this game.

  • The team staff will control all of the entrance and exit points to the stadium
  • All fans attending must have tested negative for the virus and have documentation for this
  • Inside the stadium, fans must wear a face covering or mask at all times and social distance
  • Any fan who doesn't follow this will be removed from the stadium and ushers will be monitoring this

Cuomo also mentioned that if this event is successful, it could be used as model for reopening entertainment venues across the state. The Governor said specifically:

"Bills fans have waited decades in order to attend a home playoff game and we have worked to build an innovative pilot program to make that happen safely.""All season long, the Bills' stellar play has captured a certain energy and charisma that is undoubtedly infectious, but we all need to be smart. We're in control of our destiny and how we act is going to determine what comes next. So while this is a time for excitement and celebration, it's critical that everyone follow the guidelines and practice the safe behaviors we know work. If everyone does their part, I believe this pilot will be successful. Go Bills!"

If anything changes with this we will keep you updated.

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