Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the CDC is putting lives in danger after being pressured to change COVID-19 testing guidelines by top White House officials.

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This week the Centers for Disease Control said people who don't have any COVID-19 symptoms "do not necessarily need a test" even if they have been exposed to someone with coronavirus.

The guidance is a reversal for the CDC which previously suggested everyone who was in close contact with an infected person get tested.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo blasted the CDC's policy change.

"The CDC reversed its guidance to say that people in close contact with a COVID-positive person don't need to get tested," Cuomo tweeted on Wednesday. "This is not science. It’s politics. Politics that are dangerous to public health. It's indefensible."

CNN reports the sudden change in the CDC's COVID-19 testing guidelines was the result of pressure from top White House officials. Cuomo seems to agree.

"The Trump administration has one COVID strategy: Denial. If you don’t take your temperature, you don’t have a fever. If you don’t test people for COVID, there are fewer cases. Now they are forcing the CDC to fall in line with this head-in-the-sand strategy, Cuomo tweeted.

The CDC's new recommendation excludes high-risk people including older adults and people with other health issues. It also says state and local health officials can still recommend people without symptoms get tested.

Cuomo said New York will stop following CDC guidelines.

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