Could you imagine driving a snowmobile from house to house when you're trick or treating with your kids? It sounds absurd but a massive snowstorm crippled the Hudson Valley a few decades ago in October. Do you remember?

Snow isn't something that you usually see in October. In the past couple of years, we may have seen some flurries here and there but no major blizzards that I can recall. Do you remember the 'snow leaf'  blizzard that swept the Hudson Valley? According to News 10 ABC, the Hudson Valley region was rocked on October 4, 1987, with massive amounts of snow.

Irina Igumnova

Residents were surprised by about 6 inches of snow that blanketed Dutchess, Columbia, Albany, Rensselaer, Montgomery and Greene County. These counties were later declared disaster areas by the Governor.

Drivers that did not see the storm coming were caught off guard and also caught in dangerous driving conditions. Tragically, some accidents were fatal. News 10 ABC reported that this was the earliest measurable amount of now in the region and nearly 200,000 Hudson Valley residents were without power.

Were you alive during this big snowstorm? Are you old enough to remember this record-setting blizzard?

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