Who could have imagined when we all went into quarantine back in March that in October we would still be canceling group fun. I don't think any of us really thought that we would still be having to social distance this far into 2020, but it is starting to look that way. Another Hudson Valley tradition has been sidelined by COVID-19.

The New Paltz Rotary Club broke the news over the weekend on their Facebook page that there will be no New Paltz Halloween parade.

As you can imagine this news has been met with a variety of comments. Most people understand but are very disappointed. Some though, feel that because it is an outdoor event that has people mostly wearing masks that it could have been pulled off. All that said, I think that the New Paltz Rotary made the only decision they could when it comes to public safety.

If you have ever been to this magnificent community event you can certainly understand why they had to cancel it. Not only does the parade bring out an unbelievable amount of walkers, it also has the streets lined with spectators from beginning to end. It is literally a mob walking down many street dressed in every imaginable costume. And an equally numbered mob standing street side to cheer them on.

Some towns are known for how they celebrate Christmas, New Paltz is known for Halloween. The YouTube video from Halloween 2015 show just how popular this event can be.

They even show up in the pouring rain as you can see from last year's parade.

Something tells me that even though the organized parade isn't on the calendar not everyone will get the memo. It's New Paltz the town that has does it's own thing. I can't imagine that there won't be at least a small group dressed up following a hearse and singing the Adams Family Theme. A girl can hope. After all this has been a New Paltz tradition since the 1960's according to wikipedia.

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