Ahead of the New York State Presidential Primary, could all of the candidates visit the Hudson Valley? One local elected official hopes so.

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro invited Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Ohio Governor John Kasich, and Donald Trump for a town hall event in Dutchess County.

“When in anyone’s lifetime would you be in a position to invite all of the major party candidates for President of the United States and have even the slightest possibility that they might, in fact, visit the Hudson River Valley,” Molinaro told WAMC Northeast Public Radio.

Molinaro believes New York State is going to play a huge role in the electoral process. "Every vote counts and every voice should be heard, that the highest office in the land deserves an open, honest and robust dialogue," he said in a blog post.

According to Molinaro, Marist College is prepared to host town-hall style forums for the candidates. "Talk to the people who live, work, and raise a family here. Listen to their issues and tell them how you’ll answer them as President. Most importantly, ask for their vote." he said.

He added that if time permits he will make arrangements for the candidates see the home and library of President Franklin Roosevelt. "The first presidential library is sure to intrigue, amaze and, dare I say, humble you," he proclaimed.

Molinaro notes the history Dutchess has in Presidential races. In 1944, two Dutchess County residents and former governors, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Thomas Dewey, ran against each other for President. It marked the only time in history both major party  presidential candidates came from the same county.

“While I can’t tip my hat, I’m hopeful that several if not all of them find their way to Dutchess County and believe that they are all considering this seriously,” he said to WAMC.