A rookie cop in the Hudson Valley is being called a hero for saving the life a trapped fawn.

On Saturday, a Kingston resident awoke to the cries of a fawn that had fallen into a crevice in the former quarry at the foot of Burgevin and Pearl Streets.

It took several hours for the unnamed resident to track where the sound was coming from. Eventually, the resident found the fawn in the crevice on one side of a barbed wire fence several feet above the road, the doe, his mother, on the other side of the fence, police say.

As the resident approached, he saw the fawn in a narrow opening, a few feet below, unable to get itself free, according to Kingston Police.

The man then called the Kingston Police Department and officer Dan Dobrinski responded to the scene.

Officer Dobrinski put on a pair of gloves, got down on all fours and was able to free the animal. The officer and the resident then lifted the bottom of the fence and the fawn scuttled back to his mom.

Officer Dobrinski and the resident then rigged the chain link so the dawn couldn't get back to the wrong side of the fence again.

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