There are many places that are hiring, not just in the Hudson Valley, but also across New York State and the entire country. Are you looking for a new job?

Tara Saglimbeni/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Tara Saglimbeni/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

There are also many job openings in the City of Poughkeepsie, according to a recent press release here are three that were focused on:

  • Automotive Mechanic
    This is skilled work involving responsibility for the efficient and safe performance of a variety of automotive repairs and machinist tasks requiring a good knowledge of the trade. This job also requires a valid drivers license.
  • Heavy Equipment Motor Operator
    Employees in this class regularly drive and operate the heavier and more complex trucks and construction equipment that require intermediate to advanced operating skills. Employees also perform a variety of laboring activities in connection with such operations. Supervision may be exercised over a group of workers.  You will need to take a pre-employment examination.
  • Laborer, working the hours of Wednesday
    This person performs duties primarily of a manual unskilled nature requiring physical endurance and a willingness to perform heavy work. On occasion, employees in this class are assigned semi-skilled tasks which may involve the utilization of hand-operated equipment. Work is performed under the direct supervision of a working supervisor or a similar title.

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Rob Sullivan/ Townsquare Media Hudson Valley
Rob Sullivan/ Townsquare Media Hudson Valley

If you are interested in any one of the above jobs, you have until November 1, 2021 to apply for them. To apply for them, you can send your application to or submit a resume to Email:

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