Why are there so many places hiring in the Hudson Valley? I am going to give you the answer that has been the answer to just about every unanswerable question over the last year, COVID. There have been so many places across the state that had to close and lay-off people because of the pandemic, as businesses get ready to reopen, they need staff.

Where do you start your job search? Do you find that more places are requiring you to fill out applications online or in person?

Is that the case for these positions? Here are 8 jobs that are currently accepting applications in the City of Newburgh. In addition to these jobs, if you scroll just a little further you can get info on other places, locally, that are also hiring. For some of the Newburgh jobs, preference may be given to residents of the City of Newburgh and you might also need to take a Civil Service Examination.

  • Code Compliance Officer
  • Human Resources Director
  • Assistant Maintenance Mechanic
  • Maintenance Laborer
  • Deputy Police Chief
  • Prisoner Attendant P/T
  • Planner
  • Water Treatment Plant Operator Trainee

Other job openings currently in the Hudson Valley? Do you have a job opening that we could add?

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