Do you think "Another day, and who is going to try to scam me today?" Well, there are a lot of not so nice people in the world and now there are a few who are trying to use a local utility company as a ruse to get into your house. 

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Central Hudson wants to remind customers that each and every employee of the company will have a photo ID badge. If you don't see that or the person refuses it to show it to you, that should always be your first sign that something is wrong.

This reminder coming after a man in Catskill was allegedly robbed two men who were impersonating Central Hudson employees. The men, were granted access to the victims house, because the victim believed the robbers to be legit CHGE employees.

Should someone come knocking on your door saying that they are Central Hudson employees, ask to see their work ID. You can also call Central Hudson directly at 845-452-2700 to confirm that the persons at your door, really work for the company.

From a Central Hudson press release, advising you that there are few reasons that a Central Hudson employee would need access to your home. If you see something involving an alleged CHGE employee, take note of their description, the type of vehicle that they are driving, and get a license plate number if you can. Please keep your safety in mind and feel free to call the police if you are afraid.

For more information about alleged potential scams involving Central Hudson, that you should be aware of, click here to be forwarded to the Central Hudson Scam Central portion of their website.  

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