New owners of the Game Farm property have pulled the curtain back on what their plans are for the property moving forward.

Back in November we told you about the emotional goodbye from previous owners Ben and Cathy Ballone. After years of rehab to the grounds of the former Catskill Game Farm, they announced that they've sold the property to new owners. Their announcement said that they were confident that the new owners were going to do great things with it and it looks like some of those plans have been revealed.

According to Hudson Valley 360, the new owners paid somewhere around $1.9 million for the property back in November and are now planning to invest even more money into the property, that until 2006 was home to thousands of animals and attractions.

General manger Moshe Toledo told Hudson Valley 360 that, "Sid Blauner purchased this place on November 17th and that Blauner is not here for the money, but here for the good cause. Jobs, create business and bring this place that was sort of dying back to life."

For the first time since 2006, animal attractions could be on the way back to the property where most of us saw our first giraffe in person, or fed a goat by hand. No giraffes aren't coming back just yet, but Toledo did say, "The new owners have purchased two horses that are stabled in Catskill and those horses will be brought to the Game Farm property and horseback riding will be another feature." Also joining the horses will be peacocks, chickens, cows and goats.

New attractions that we can look forward to on the property soon include, mountain biking, archery, and miniature golf to name a few. They are also exploring the possibility of putting in a playground, fish pond, BBQ's, a gym and more.

Even more good news, if you always dreamed of have a wedding on the game farm property, they did mention that they might be able to become a wedding venue and host concerts post COVID-19.

No exact date was given on when the new attractions will be opened with us still in the grasps of COVID-19, but when an official time is given we will update this article.

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