Animals bring us joy, happiness and many laughs. Those who have pets know that they can change our lives for the better. Pets have become more of companions, best friends, or even fur babies to most.

Have you ever spotted your pet doing something and couldn't figure out their behavior?


As pet owners or pet caretakers, we come across a lot of funny things that our fur babies do. While enjoying the warm weather outdoors, I noticed my cats doing something that I never saw before.

I don't know if this is something new or maybe they never did this when I was watching. My cats saw a pile of live ants, went over and rolled in them. My first reaction was to get him away from the ants even though he seemed as if he was really enjoying it.

I knew that I had to figure out why another one of my cats started doing the same thing with the pile of ants. After doing research, it made sense why my cats were rolling all over these ants.

Does your pet love to rub on crushed or dead ants?

Your pet may rub in the ants or even try to eat them upon arrival. These silly behaviors may never be understood by us.

Apparently, ants are good for cats.

These insects contain oleic and formic acid. These two acids act as pheromones for ants and could be a way of communicating among them. With that being said, when ants die or are crushed, they would then give off those substances.

Why are ants good for our feline friends?


Your feline friend may smell these scents and be attracted to it. This could also serve as a calming effect for cats. One way that cats mark their scent is when they rub their facial glands onto people, places or things.

When cats do this with crushed or dead ants, they are picking up on the oleic acid. In return, our fur babies could feel a sense of calm, cozy feeling. Cats may also feel as if ants are prey and with their instincts, they could use this as an opportunity to hunt.

However, can ants be dangerous for pets?

This was the first question that popped into my head when I saw my ants rolling around on ants.

For the most part, when cats eat ants, it's not dangerous. However, if the ants have been poisoned or if they are red or fire ants then I would separate them from the prey.

Should pet owners use ant traps in and around their homes?

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Ultimately, it's up to the caretaker of the animal whether they choose to get ant traps. For the most part, ant traps are not recommended when they are around animals and children.

If ingested or eaten, animals and children can get sick. Ants are attracted to food so be sure to keep your pet's food in an airtight container, wash food dishes and keep the space clean.

All natural alternatives for ant traps could consist of cinnamon, chalk, vinegar and lemon.

Besides ants, cats can experience good vibes with items inside the home.


Feline pheromones can come in the form of a diffuser or spray. This also produces oleic acid which would then again, help the cat feel calm.

Popular brands such as Feliway and Comfort Zone are known to do this. I may have to try this out for myself.

Have you ever witnessed your pet doing something silly? Share with us below.

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