This is the month that my car inspection is up, so I know I need to get over to the mechanics and get the inspection done. I try to get this done at the beginning of the month, just because I am a nut. I remember years ago stories about auto shops running out of inspection stickers towards the end of the month.

What does that make me do? I try to get the inspection in the first few days. Best case scenario, I get it done and don't have to think about it again for the next 12 months. Worst case scenario, I have approximately 3 weeks to get the work done or new tires so the car will pass.

So, how much does the New York State Annual Car Inspection cost?

Getting prepared for the trip to the mechanic, I wanted to make sure that I had the cash on me to pay for it. Yep, weird to me too. Cash. I don't usually keep it on me, but knowing (or at least) thinking that these prices are set by the state, I wanted to make sure that my mechanic wasn't now stuck paying credit card fees and losing money on this whole thing.

How much did I shell out for the inspection?

When I looked at the chart, I am not 100% sure how "they" came up with the amount that I got charged. I did find the "inspection chart fee cost" on the DMV website, and from what I can tell, the actual cost depends on the type and age of your car and varies from $10 to $35. What will you pay? Ask the mechanic and they can explain it to you. Here is the chart. Look at the chart and guess what I paid? Scroll and I will let you know.

NYS DMV Form VS-77
NYS DMV Form VS-77

Can you tell me how I got charged $21? Here is what I came up with; I have a car that weighs less than 10,001 pounds, so it is a "Light vehicle" or $10 and then it is a 2016, so it is an OBD II Emission Inspection, or $11 because it is not in NYC. Sound right? I am still not 100% sure and granted, I could have just asked. Now, I can forget this until next year.

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