A new contest is looking for the most creative, and most offensive, crayon name you can think of.

Offensive Crayons has a new contest for their latest pack of offensive crayons. Their past packs include the original Offensive Crayons, the Red, White and F*** You pack and the Holiday Edition of Offensive Crayons. This time, they're going for a porn/sex pack of Offensive Crayons. One person will get their crayon name used in the porn/sex pack of Offensive Crayons and $500.

They company seems pretty doubtful you'll be able to think of a decent name. They want something creative, not the usual things. Their site reads "Seriously, do you understand how unfunny people are? If we had to create a pack of just customer suggestions, we're pretty confident 23 of the crayons would be the N-word and 1 crayon would be called "period blood red"."

If you think you have what it takes for a good offensive crayon name, make sure you follow these guidelines, directly from the Offensive Crayons site:

  • Does it offend anyone or make a point?
  • Is there a joke or at least an alliteration to make it sound fun?
  • If it's topical, then it'll likely not work. Remember, we live in a 24 hour news cycle. The joke might not work 2 months from now let alone 2 years from now.
  • Will I get sued for using this person's/organization's name?
  • If it's super political, it's likely topical and likely won't work a few years from now.
  • Will the dumbest person I know get the joke? (MUST be obvious)
  • Does a joke about X group/ action/ thing already exist in one of the sets?

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