It's ironic that at a time where people want to be clean is when they can be so disgusting. How do we get people to stop doing this?

I really hate to be a cart narc but can you please stop being a disgusting slob?

We have to face the harsh reality that aspects of the pandemic brought out the worst in people.

If I have learned anything over the past year it is that people can be kind and generous but they can also be absolute selfish slobs.

Remember some of the early days of the pandemic when people were wearing masks and even latex gloves outside? You could tell because people were leaving them all over parking lots, grass and even hiking trails. The trash continued to be littered weeks into the pandemic and then months.

It has been over a year now. Why do people still need to leave their wipes in the cart? This was something that I expected early on during the pandemic. However, it was never appropriate. Shoppers would sterilize their entire cart and just throw the garbage on the bottom of the shopping cart.

It got old real quick. Someone has to clean this up.

Why is this till happening now? I don't get it. Why does someone think this okay? You wouldn't eat a candy bar and then throw the wrapper in the cart, would you?

If you're doing this then it would be fantastic to the rest of the shoppers in the store if you kindly cleaned your disgusting wipe.

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