If you have ever been told that your baking is so good that you should enter a contest or something, we have found your calling.

According to the website Delish, the folks at the Hallmark channel have announced that they are going to be doing a cooking show that could win an amateur baker $25,000 and possibly make them extremely famous.

The show is going to be called "Christmas Cookie Countdown" and they are now looking for amateur bakers to apply to be on TV. If you or someone in your family has any sort of baking skills this might be the big break that you have been waiting for.

If you are interested in maybe trying out for the show here are some of the details, the show will be shooting in Los Angeles from July 29th to August 4th, so you will need to make plans to travel if you want to be considered.

Here is where things get a little confusing as in the description of the show it says that the show will feature amateur bakers from across the U.S. but on the casting call website Wyldside Media it says that they are looking for dynamic, outgoing cookie makers from Southern California to participate in a really fun new Christmas competition baking show! So I'm not exactly sure if only Southern California bakers will be considered or not but if your interested check out the casting link here.

If you don't want to be on the show but do want to show off your baking skills, you can always bake something up and bring it by the station anytime!

The show will air over the course of five episodes on the Hallmark Drama channel which is one of Hallmark's three channels.

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