The story of Valentino Dixon is nothing short of amazing. Mr. Dixon was released from prison back in September of 2018, after serving a 27-year sentence for a crime he didn't commit. While in prison he spent a lot of his time doing a lot of incredible artwork.

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According to, First lady Michelle Obama recently commissioned Valentino Dixon to do a 20x30 drawing of the 12th hole of the Augusta National Golf Club as a gift to her husband former President Barack Obama. Mr. Dixon caught the attention of the First lady Michelle Obama after an interview with Bryant Gumbel on his Real Sports HBO special.

According to, Valentino Dixon, getting national attention is just the beginning for him, he has also been featured on Sports Illustrated, meeting Tiger Woods. Mr. Dixon had a solo art show at Burchfield Penny Art Arts Center, which included terrific golf course artwork and beautiful Afrocentric and Native themed work as well.

Valentino Dixon is going to be releasing his memoir entitled " The soul of an unfreed man" this project is expected to be available on Amazon in March of 2021, I have followed Mr. Dixon's story for some time now, I'm really excited to see all the positive things that are in store for Valentino Dixon.

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