A bridge over the Hudson River is temporarily being held up by a few wooden beams, causing some residents to wonder if it's actually safe to cross.

The concerning situation was identified by Riverkeeper in 2020. Photos of the bridge show temporary wooden sticks bolted together in what looks like an attempt to brace a side of the bridge that has become unstable. According to Riverkeeper, the steel beams have sagged on the north end of the bridge, making the fix necessary.


Calls for an independent engineering inspection have come from officials, including Dutchess County Executive, Marc Molinaro who recently tweeted the following statement.

Railway safety is always important, railway safety along the Hudson River is critical... I’m asking for independent inspections & blitz. A failure here could be catastrophic.

The span is located across from Poughkeepsie on the western shore of the Hudson River. The train bridge is part of the CSX freight line and supports heavy trains that travel up and down the Hudson River, sometimes carrying hazardous materials. Riverkeeper says the situation is a recipe for disaster.

Given the hazardous nature of some of the product being transported on this line, and the line’s proximity to the River and to the drinking water intakes used by Poughkeepsie and Lloyd, Riverkeeper believes it is essential that the bridge be immediately inspected by an independent, state appointed rail bridge engineer and repaired to 100 percent integrity as soon as possible.


Riverkeeper is demanding that if the current "jury-rigged" section of the span is found to be unable to support the required weight of the bridge, that it be closed until fully repaired.

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